STAGE 14 – March 16th to 24th , 2019


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The logistics for planning the 2019 trek are very demanding. This is the last stage to complete the journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff and enquiries have already been overwhelming. The trustees have given a lot of consideration to how we structure acceptance of entries for the 2019 trek, and agree unanimously that we need to give preference to those who have supported the trek in the past. We know a lot of you want your families to join you, but unless they fit the criteria we have decided on, this will not be possible. We will only be trekking for 5 days and as Saturday 23rd March will be a day of celebration, maybe your family members can meet up with you on this day and join in the celebrations. We realise some of you will be disappointed with our decision but we had to consider the logistics of: seating in the marquee, the capacity of the toilets and showers, campsite area, horse paddocking, and general safety and well being of all trekkers and volunteers, and set a maximum number of trekkers, support people and volunteers it is possible to accommodate.

The final stage will see us start at Tapanui and traverse the western side of the Catlins and finish at Slope Point, New Zealands most southern point. We know the journey has always been Cape Reinga to Bluff but the logistics of finishing at Bluff are not feasible. The Great NZ Trek is about travelling through country not normally accessible to the public.

To date we have raised $383,914 for Multiple Sclerosis.

Entry forms will be sent out on the 1st of August to those who are eligible to enter. To secure your entry, you must return your entry form with a non refundable deposit of $300 no later than 1st September 2018. This entry form is for you and you alone. You cannot photocopy the form for family members or friends. After the cut-off date those who have only done one or two treks may enter on a first in first serve basis.
There has been an increase in fees due to the increase costs of running the trek which the trust is unable to absorb.

Crew forms will also be sent to volunteers who have supported our event and they will be given first preference. They must also return completed crew forms to us by the 1st September 2018.

PRIORITY for entering as follows:
Completed all stages
Completed all of the South Island (not including those above)
Completed between 3 to 12 treks (not including those above)
NB: A support person must also meet these criteria.

Entries for trekkers and support people will be capped at 260
Volunteers will be capped at 70

If you have any questions please contact us, details on our contacts page.

Yours sincerely,
The Trustees of The Great New Zealand Trek Charitable Trust
Wally Bell, Simon Edwards, Hilary Heath-Caldwell, Janet Campbell, Kitty Johnson

Our Charity

As many of you are aware, one of the reasons we do this is because we are committed to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most common central nervous system diseases among young adults in New Zealand.


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