About Us

The Great New Zealand Trek has been designed to enable you to gradually travel the length of the country walking, biking or horse riding in supported luxury. With off road access, en route support, luggage transport, camping and yarding, professional caterers, hot showers, massage, live entertainment, bar, café and a huge support crew it is much more than a trek.


As many of you are aware, one of the reasons we do this is because we are committed to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most common central nervous system diseases among young adults in New Zealand.

Multiple because it affects many parts of the brain and the spinal cord which results in mild or severe symptoms that come and go unpredictably. Sclerosis means hardened tissue in the central nervous system. MS is baffling because the cause is unknown, no cure has been discovered and there is no way of knowing who will get MS. What is known is that it usually first reveals itself in a sufferer between the ages of 20 and 40; it is more prevalent in caucasians than any other race; affects a much greater number of women than it does men and is more frequent in countries the further away they are from the equator. New Zealand has one of the highest rates in the world affecting around one in every 1,000 people.


The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is New Zealand’s leading independent medical research facility. Established in 1979, the Malaghan Institute is committed to developing medical treatments and cures for some of the world’s most debilitating illnesses through cutting-edge scientific research. Their scientists are dedicated to the prevention of cancer, asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and infectious diseases.

Dr. Anne La Flamme from the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research letter to the Trust

Since 2006 the Great New Zealand Treks have raised around $383,914.00 towards Multiple Sclerosis in New Zealand.


We are committed to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis and are now raising funds to support the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research MS programme. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to help.


Every dollar we can raise is important so by getting your family, friends and workmates involved is a big help and also creates awareness of MS. If you would like to donate to our cause but not participate in the trek go to https://givealittle.co.nz/org/greatnztrek. For more information about us click on www.charities.govt.nz then search the register, put in registration no CC37893, then click on The Great New Zealand Trek Charitable Trust.