Horse Trekking | Horse Riding New Zealand

Imagine meandering through some of New Zealand’s most beautiful countryside on the back of your faithful horse. Now imagine being able to do that while also helping to raise funds for vital research into Multiple Sclerosis. Taking part in The Great New Zealand Trek enables you to do both of those things.

Each stage covers around 190 kilometres and is completed over several days with between 25km and 35km being covered each day.
A hot breakfast and shower will set riders up for the day while the fuel stop halfway along the route gives both riders and horses a chance to take on some water and rest their limbs.

Marshals are on hand to deal with any issues along the course and, for riders; a vet and farrier are also available during each day’s ride to deal with any problems the horses might encounter during the journey.
With the extensive support crew on hand to transport luggage and camping equipment, all riders need to do is load up with what they need for the day and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

At the end of each day, trekkers can enjoy themselves with professional catering, cold refreshments, entertainment and trained medics looking after their niggles. Horse owners can also rest assured that their animals will be well looked after both during the ride and overnight.
Horse feed is provided after each day along with a hosing of area. Paddocking is provided for the night near the campsite.

If you want to ride but don’t have your own horse, it is possible to hire a horse either from a local stables or from someone else on the trek who has a spare.
Riders bringing their own horses will need to arrange transport between their home and the stage start and finish.

The Great New Zealand Trek offers a unique way to explore this beautiful country so sign up to start your adventure today.