How it Works

Life on the Trek

On the average trek day, people will start to get up way before sun rise. Tea, coffee, and milo are available 24/7. A scrumptious brekkie will be served from 6:30am to 7:30am. During this time the lunch ingredients will be on hand for you to build the perfect sandwich or two to take out on the trail with you. Camp showers are available first thing to tone down the bed hair and rinse the sleep out of your eyes. After you have packed your personal belongings and dismantled your tent, load your gear onto the luggage trucks (take note of the luggage truck number on the side, makes finding your luggage at the next campsite a little easier!). We generally set off at about 8.00 to 8:30am.

Depending on the day’s route we may hold back one group to ensure the safety of everybody. For example if the beginning of the day starts with a big downhill the bikers will be released first so they can have a clear run without any obstacles. Or if there is a soft section we may hold the horses back to allow easier access for the bikers and walkers. We’ll let you know the night before at the muster.

We appreciate that distances between 23km to 36km each day for 6 days over varying country isn’t your average walk around the block so we offer a shuttle from the ‘fuel stop’, situated roughly half way to the next camp. In addition to this our roaming marshals have the ability to get you off the trail using innovative techniques so be rest assured we’ll take good care of you. At the fuel stop the kettle will be boiling PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR CUP each day and there will be some cold ones in the chilly bin to re-hydrate the system. Our medic, farrier and vet will also be nearby for further assistance. A toilet will also be on hand at most fuel stops.

On shorter days we may open the route later to allow our support crew time to get the next camp established. We ask that you take your time and enjoy some of the country’s best scenery as there is no advantage in getting to camp early.

We usually trek for 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon, reaching camp by 4 pm. There’s free time before dinner to shower, take a massage and relax in the bar open from 4 pm.

A variety of entertainment will be provided after dinner or you can retire to your tents. These are among the most pleasant times on trek. You are totally liberated from the modern world, its demands and pressures.
You can relax and view your life from an entirely new perspective.

There will be a team of masseuses to massage away your aches and pains at the end of the day. They will be set up in a small marquee. They will have mobile eftpos available so long as there is cellphone coverage (this is patchy) so bring some extra cash! Charges are $50 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes…make sure you visit their tent and make an appointment! Have a shower before you get your massage.

CELEBRATIONS….This stage is the final in our journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff so theres going to be a lot going on! Instead of the traditional six days trekking we have changed it to five so we can spend Saturday the 23rd March celebrating! We will have buses available for those that do not have their vehicles to go to Bluff for a quick visit. We will be trekking 3 days, rest day, trekking 2 days. Weeks programme below:-
Saturday – Arrival day – Intro Muster
Sunday – Presentation to those that have done all of South Island
Monday – Fancy Pants for dinner
Tuesday – Band (Possum Pickers)
Wednesday – Rest Day – MS Auction
Thursday – Tokanui Rugby Club are opening their bar (we are camped on the rugby grounds)
Friday – Presentation to All Stages – Malaghan
Saturday – Band – Party – Theme Country (Cowboys/girls and Indians)
Sunday – Say goodbye

This is going to be an emotional week, we have become one big family from all walks of life and have touched each other’s life in many ways and will be friends forever.