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How it Works

The Great New Zealand Trek has been designed to enable you to gradually travel the length of the country walking, biking or horse riding in supported luxury. With off road access, en route support, luggage transport, camping and yarding, professional caterers, hot showers, massage, live entertainment, bar, café and a huge support crew it is much more than a trek.


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A Day on The Trek

On the average trek day people will start to get up at sunrise. Tea, coffee, and Milo are available 24/7. Brekkie is available from 6:30am to 7:30am. During this time the lunch ingredients will be on hand for you to build the perfect sandwich or two to take out on the trail with you. Camp showers are available first thing to tone down the bed hair and rinse the sleep out of your eyes. After you have packed your personal belongings and dismantled your tent, load your gear onto the luggage trucks. We generally set off at about 8:30am.

We appreciate that distances between 25 km to 35 km each day for 6 days cross country isn’t your average walk around the block so we offer a shuttle from the ‘fuel stop’, situated roughly half way to the next camp for anybody that needs it. In addition to this our roaming marshals have the ability to get you off the trail using innovative techniques so be rest assured we’ll take good care of you. At the fuel stop the kettle will be boiling and there will be some cold ones in the chilly bin to re-hydrate the system. Our medic, farrier and vet will also be on hand for further assistance. A toilet will also be nearby.

There’s free time before dinner to shower, take a massage and relax in the bar. Following a scrumptious buffet dinner we have a debrief and outline the next day’s trek. You are embarking on an adventure in a place and amongst people whose lives may be very different from your own. This trek will challenge you. In addition to the personal physical challenges you may face, travel conditions can present unexpected obstacles, such as changeable weather. To prepare for this experience the most important item to “pack” is a flexible and relaxed attitude. Bring a healthy sense of humour and a willingness to encounter the unexpected, and you’ll find your trip the adventure of a lifetime!


A week of trekking around 160 kms isn’t going to be easy so it is essential that you are physically prepared and have good camping equipment that will stand up to adverse weather conditions. While the time of the year we have the trek is generally fine there are no guarantees so invest wisely in what will provide you the best comfort.
Camping Options:
Option 1: CAMPING PACKAGE – Two person – We supply tent, two stretchers, two chairs & light. Our volunteers put the tent up and down each day and load your luggage onto the luggage truck. Cost $700 (2 people)
Option 2: DORM ROOM – Single cubicle in a 10 room tent. You supply your own stretcher, personal effects etc. If you are coming from overseas please contact us to arrange stretcher as an optional extra. Cost $300 (1 person)
Option 3: Bring your own tent – FREE
Those wanting to have the luxury of a campervan, this is possible if you wish to bring a support person to drive it. It is up to you to hire one or bring your own.
Those who want to bring horse trucks, this is possible if they can bring someone to drive it through each day either as a volunteer or a support person.

Getting To The Start

These details will be updated once the start and finish campsites are located.

Horse Transport to and from trek….

These details will be updated closer to the trek.

Inter Islander and Bluebridge have offered trekkers discounted travel, please click here to contact Kitty for details

Also if you are a member of New Zealand Equestrian Sports, you can get a big discount on the Interislander. Please click here for a link to the NZ Equestrian Sports website for membership detail. Donna has night paddock and camping available at her place just north of Otaki for those travelling to and from the trek. She is about 90 min drive from the ferry’s. Please contact her direct, text only during the day or phone evenings 027 2616891


For those transporting horses, if you wish to travel to Blenheim, approximately 100 yards are available at the Waterlea Racecourse in Blenheim and you can camp in your horse truck. Toilets are available but no showers. The fee is $5 per horse per night payable to the Racecourse. Please contact them before your arrival.


There is no limit on the amount of luggage you bring. That said, you should remember that you have to carry your gear to and from the luggage truck at each camp. When loading your gear make a special note as to what truck your gear is on so you can easily find it at the next campsite.

Personal First Aid

A trekking medic will accompany us on trek. You must report all illnesses to the medic, however minor they may feel. Please tell the medics if you have any conditions that we should know about ie, heart condition, epilepsy etc. Your own experiences and preferences should determine what you bring. You should bring a small first aid kit to use for minor personal needs.


It is very important to have appropriate clothing for trekking. It’s frustrating to be uncomfortable, inconvenienced or unable to do all you want because of unsuitable clothing. Even if you may not use everything, it’s better to be prepared in case of a storm or severely cold weather instead of being uncomfortable without the necessary equipment. Please ensure you carry water proof and warm clothing with you every day, the weather can change very quickly without warning in the South Island! At the same time don’t overload yourself, but make sure what you bring is suitable. There is no weight limit to your trek duffel as these will be transported from camp to camp.

The Great New Zealand Trek Guide will be sent to you shortly after the close off 2 to 3 weeks before which has everything you need to know. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries in the meantime.

So in summary we provide

  • Proffesional catering
  • Coffee, tea, milo & water
  • Hot showers and flush toilets
  • Medical and massage support
  • Live entertainment
  • Veterinarian and farrier support
  • Bar and snacks
  • Wash down for horses and bikes
  • Horse feed and water buckets
  • Yarding and communal paddocks
  • Vehicle security and transfer back
  • The Great New Zealand Trek T-shirt
  • Luggage transport

What you need to bring…

  • Your own tent and personal effects
  • Day pack
  • Survival blanket
  • Money for the bar, massage
  • A good sense of humour
  • The trek guide will provide a more detailed list once you have registered.