Walking New Zealand

If you have ever dreamed about exploring some of New Zealand’s most stunning countryside and raising money for a great cause, then The Great New Zealand Trek could be just the adventure you are looking for.


The trek isn’t your average stroll through the countryside but more an epic journey spanning the length and breadth of the land of the long white cloud. Arranged over several stages the trek offers participants the chance to experience a walk through areas not usually accessible to the public thanks to agreeable local landowners opening up their pathways.

When they sign up to take part, participants are also asked to raise money for the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research in Wellington to help its work in researching Multiple Sclerosis.

For walkers, the trek’s support crew will prove invaluable, transporting luggage and camping equipment from the stage’s start to finish so that trekkers only have to carry what they need for each day. This makes the walk a more pleasant experience and gives walkers the chance to relax and take in the stunning scenery rather than being burdened by a huge weight. That said trekkers will need to complete between 25 kilometres and 35 kilometres a day, so walkers should ensure they have good fitness levels before signing up to take part.

A hearty breakfast is provided at the rest stop before the day’s walking begins, which also offers the chance to make lunch to have on the route.
A halfway stop offers the chance to catch your breath, have a hot drink to keep you going, or a cold one on a sunny day.

Trek support volunteers include trained medics who can help with everything from minor problems such as blisters to more serious injuries. Marshals are available to provide transport from the halfway point to the final stop for anyone who can’t carry on. At the evening camp, walkers can take advantage of a massages on offer to soothe tired calves and aching shoulders and hop under a hot shower before dinner and entertainment.
The Great New Zealand Trek will leave you with lifelong memories so get in touch today to find out more.